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Ital Lemon S.p.A. was founded in 1975. Our core business is the production and the distribution of lemon, lime and orange juices; but we also produce condiments and sauces in single serve packs with an easy-opening and an easy-dosing.
The company is located in Codogno (LO), an hour’s drive from Milan. We can guarantee checks of the entire production chain thanks to our cutting-edge services.

All our employees are motivated by the work environment; we take care of their training and we assure a continual professional and educational updating.

History of ITAL Lemon S.p.A.

ITAL Lemon S.p.A. was born in 1975 with the idea of producing and trading lemon juice. Over the years, the company managed to gain the market’s mastery, becoming one of the main lemon juice producers in Italy.

In 1998, the company bought the warehouse where production and offices are currently located. This enabled to expand the production with new product ranges in different sizes and qualities. Today you can find sizes ranging from 125ml to 1000L and qualities differentiate in natural, organic, from concentrate and dressing.

In 2010 the company decided to expand the range further, by adding lime juices.
In the last 10 years the business has grown considerably, exporting in over 40 Countries worldwide.

In 2020, after a careful market research, ITAL Lemon S.p.A. decided to increase even more his products’ portfolio by entering the single serve packs. These formats are easy to transport as well as easy to use for consumers. Thanks to their “drop by drop” system, you can dose product at the best with no leaking and no oily fingers.

ITAL Lemon S.p.A.’s philosophy aims at offering high quality standards products to customers and consumers. Our purpose is to offer a convenient product, ready to serve and guaranteed as an alternative to the fruit itself.


Ital Lemon has developed several sizes under both brand and private label, by fitting all opportunities of usage and consumption in the juice and condiments’ sections in retail, industry, C&C and food service.

Ital Lemon S.p.A.
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